Dr Lisa Chaffey Experience

First and foremost, Dr. Lisa Chaffey is a successful Occupational Therapist. After all, you have to be able to ‘walk the walk’ if you’re going to talk the talk. These days, Lisa divides her time between her three loves: qualitative research, equipment prescription, and pain management.

The Adaptive Equipment Specialist

Lisa is a highly regarded equipment expert, providing practical advice and strategies to prescribe the right wheelchair and general adaptive equipment that lets you lead the life you want. Particularly, Lisa specialises in wheelchair sporting equipment.

Lisa has had a spinal disability all her life, and played wheelchair basketball at an international level for 15 years. In addition, Lisa took wheelchair sport and mobility skills to East Timor and Fiji, so she knows her stuff.

Lisa’s knowledge has seen her be an advisory board member or clinical advisor on several disability and occupational therapy boards.

The Pain Management Author

After living with chronic pain for two years, Lisa knew she had to find a way to move on with her life. She researched newly emerging ideas in neuroplasticity and incorporated occupational therapy theory.

Pain diminished. Life got better – so Lisa created a book to share her ideas.

Breaking the Pain Habit is coming soon, and will be available on Amazon and other eBook retailers.

The Researcher

Lisa’s doctoral research was a qualitative study on how occupational therapists use intuition in practice.

She moved on to exploring emotional intelligence and reflection in allied health practice and medical curriculum. Recently, she has investigated issues around university students with disabilities. And currently, she is listening to staff and consumers of a mental health service about their experiences of recovery oriented practice.

For a list of Lisa’s publications, please visit Researchgate here.

The other time fillers

In addition, Lisa:

  • Competed in a Paralympics and two World Championships in Wheelchair basketball.
  • Ran disability development camps in East Timor and Fiji.
  • Has her Silver medal from the Athens Paralympics on display at the National Sports Museum in Melbourne.
  • Plays Wheelchair Badminton….badly.