Revisiting the scene of the crime

I have just returned from a work trip to Thailand. I know, that sounds nice. But in 2013, my chronic pain life began on a flight home from a work trip to Thailand. My spinal nerves became irritated because I didn’t move enough during the flight. So you can see how I would have been nervous as I flew home last week.

When I say “chronic pain life”, I’m not kidding. Chronic pain takes over your whole life in one way or another. For me, I spent almost 2 years with chronic stomach and back pain which meant that I spent those almost 2 years:

  • wearing elastic-waisted pants
  • staying on the couch instead of having a social life
  • dragging myself through the work day
  • working my way through most of the pain relievers available to my doctors
  • watching more television that one person needs in a lifetime!

The good news is I found a way out of my chronic pain life, and back into the life I wanted to lead. I wrote a book to help others.

Here is a link to a quick video about how it came about that I wrote a book on Getting out of chronic pain.



(PS. I made sure to move around a lot on the recent flight home. I’m happy to say, I’m fine this time)